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In Thermoguide we take pride on our ability to provide an extensive range of services. We focus on excellence in delivery and on customer satisfaction.

Thermal Design
Thermoguide offers professional thermal design services to solve our customer's thermal problems. Thermoguide’s engineers are highly trained in the field of thermal management, heat sink design, heat pipe and TEC implementation, liquid cooling and conduction cooling. Thermoguide engineers, along with the customer, determine the goals and constraints for the thermal design, and then design the optimal thermal solution for the application. Thermoguide’s expertise and experience enable us to deliver the thermal solution that meets our customer's goals.

Heat Sink Prototyping
Once a thermal solution has been designed, whether by Thermoguide or by the customer, it is often necessary to build a prototype and test it. At this stage, three factors are most important. First, the prototype performance must be indicative of the final production design, second, it must be produced quickly, and finally, it must be produced inexpensively. Thermoguide’s quality prototyping services ensure that all three objectives are met.

Production Manufacturing
Thermoguide works closely with Enertron for delivering mass production solutions. For more details please contact us.

Thermal Testing Services
An additional service Thermoguide offers is thermal and heat sink testing for our customers. This is mainly useful to companies that lack in-house capability for thermal testing, or would like to utilize the expertise of Thermoguide to perform complicated component or system level thermal testing. It may also prove as useful to companies who wish to present or publish 3rd party test results, from an unbiased source. Through our two state of the art thermal test labs, Thermoguide is able to offer an extensive set of thermal and heat sink testing capabilities to meet the requirements of our customers.

Thermal Consulting
Thermoguide’s thermal consulting services are best used in two circumstances. Primarily, Thermoguide consultants can play a key role during the formation of products. Thermoguide consultants are able to explain the tradeoffs between different potential thermal design paths as they relate to overall thermal management. The second potential use of Thermoguide’s thermal consulting is for a customer that would like to keep most of the thermal design in-house, but recognizes that there are some limits to their experience in this area. Thermoguide engineers and consultants guide customers through the process of thermal design and development from initial conceptual stages to prototyping and production.

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